Sauvayre Romy (2017), « The rationality of belief change and the unexpected effects of conflict of values », Rationality and Society, Vol. 29(3), p. 298-321
DOI: 10.1177/1043463117717231


The aim of this article is to propose an alternative explanatory hypothesis to that of Festinger—which is now disputed—and thus provide new answers to help understand the process by which beliefs are abandoned. This article has epistemological ambitions insofar as it aims to demonstrate that by means of a paradigm based on reasons (rationale) and abduction—the Boudon-Peirce Paradigm—it is possible to propose an alternative, explanatory hypothesis to that of Festinger’s and to provide new answers to facilitate understanding the process of abandonment of beliefs. This comprehensive paradigm has allowed the discovery that conflicts of values—axiological contradictions—can cause disaffiliation.

Key words :
Epistemology, cognitive dissonance, contradiction, rationality, rationale, values, Raymond Boudon, Charles S. Peirce, abduction