SAUVAYRE Romy, 2022, Introduction to interviews in social sciences, North American Business Press.


Carrying out your first interview is neither easy nor intuitive. This book offers tools and practical advice for preparing for an interview, dealing with the most common difficulties, or getting the interviewee comfortable. The book points out everything that can influence the speech of the interviewee: the wording of questions, the choice of places for the interview, the positioning facing the interviewee, the intonations, the gestures, the facial expressions, the way to watch, neutrality, silence, memory, and emotions. It contains MCQs, interview samples, and practical advice, to contact your interlocutors, prepare an interview guide, meet, questions, follow-up, listen, and end the interview.


Chapter 1: Getting Started 
Chapter 2: Choosing a Type of Interview 
Chapter 3: The Interview Guide 
Chapter 4: Making Contact 
Chapter 5: Starting the Interview 
Chapter 6: Questioning and Probing 
Chapter 7: Listening 
Chapter 8: Improve the Reliability of the Discourse 
Chapter 9: Ending the Interview 
Chapter 10: Following and Analyzing Your Interviews 
Chapter 11: Multiple Choice Questions