Sauvayre R. (2022), "Scientific dissemination and media coverage of neuroscience studies. A case study of the brain imaging of a dead salmon” [french], Revue européenne des sciences sociales – European Journal of Social Sciences, n°60-2, p. 129-155.


Over the last thirty years, knowledge of the functions of the human and animal brain has increased. Media coverage of these studies has increased too, and they are regularly publicized to feed the public’s fascination with neuroimaging. This article explores the scientific and media dissemination of a study presented as a poster in 2009 at an international congress and carried out using data produced by researchers in developmental cognitive neuroscience. The particularity of this study lies in the fact that these neuroscientists scanned a dead salmon instead of adult or adolescent human beings. The socio-historical and mixed methods approach applied will lead us to present the different stages of this circulation of scientific knowledge. We describe the main factors for the dissemination of this unusual study. 
Keywords: scientific dissemination, media coverage, neuroscience, neuroimaging, science studies, citation analysis.